Quilt pictures, 2009

Following our tradition, 36 quilts were made by our volunteeers and donated to the oncology unit on February 21, 2009 in honor of
Zachary's 14th birthday.

Our thanks goes out to our dedicated volunteers, especially:
Emily (picutred), Katie Windle (pictured), Colleen Greg (senior project), Georgine Stattery, Joanne Gardner, Cathy Windle, Kim Nichols & West Chester's University Council for Exceptional Children.
Some of our special quilts:
Cathy's golf quilt, 2/09
Joanne's dolphin quilt, 2/09
Cathy's red circle squares quilt, 2/09
Emily's camping quilt, 2/09
Cathy's frog quilt, thank you Maryanne for the fabric!
Emily's floral quilt, 2/09
Cathy's squares quilt, 2/09
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